Done Wishing: An important message regarding the future of The Artidote

I think it’s more than clear by now that what began in 2015 as a creative exercise in which to tell stories and share thoughts artistically on social media, has evolved beyond, well, beyond being just that. Beyond just the sharing of art & quotes. Beyond giving artists exposure. Beyond introducing new forms of expression with modern-day technology.
Today The Artidote has become a worldwide community of humans from all walks of life; a global squad of support.

For me, personally & professionally, it has been my most successful art project to date. Yes, I’ve considered The Artidote a work of art: a virtual collage of visual & written storytelling that opened new channels of communication and expression capable of making people feel at scale. As such, it has brought me great joy over the years and, without exaggeration, has changed my life. It’s been my dream brought to life, as it fuses all my passions. All of them: storytelling (art), psychology (mental health), philosophy (self-awareness), philanthropy (empathy) and the potential to lead a life that, in its wake, leaves a positive impact on the world.

All of this, over the years, done on my own spare time, fueled only by my passions and with no monetary earnings — no way of make a living to afford the time & effort put into it. Not because I couldn’t simply start selling random ads to run on all of its channels (for example), but most importantly because I have been very cautious and have constantly refused and rejected those offers in an attempt to not jeopardize the value of The Artidote’s shared content & the trust in the community I’ve been building. If I ever were to market a product or a service through here, I want to make sure that it’s of actual value to my community.

Unfortunately—but not surprisingly and perhaps a disguised blessing—I’ve reached my spare-time limit. Meaning that my spare time is no longer sufficient to handle the demand of the various feeds and needs of a community that keeps organically growing. There are many people who daily message me with inquiries and various degrees of attention that often require much more support (often professional) than I could provide through The Artidote in its current phase.

Messages of help. Messages that break my heart, both for their content and for not being able to afford to have the time to look into them properly and at least guide them to someone who may provide actual, practical help.
For some time I’ve been wishing I could help every single one of you that reaches out. Wishing I had the time. Wishing I had the means to afford taking the time. Wishing that I could support myself through The Artidote so that I could give not just my spare time but my full time to an endeavor that has not only changed mine but I know the lives of many. That is my dream life.

But I’m done wishing.

I’ve taken the initiative to evolve into my dream life; to take a leap into the unknown and learn to fly on my way down—so that I may soar even higher. In the coming days, weeks, months & years you may notice these changes. I simply wanted to leave this message here for the sake of transparency and vulnerability—and in the hopes I continue to have your support as we grow along. Thank you for being a part of this journey thus far.
We are all in this together <3

All the love,
Munich, Jan 16 2018