Launched in 2015 as a virtual space where to story-tell, empathize, bond and heal through art, today The Artidote community has become a global support group that has saved lives through social media. As it continues to grow, it has expanded beyond the virtual and entered real spaces through Artidote Meetups hosted by Jova in cities across the world.



Jovanny Varela Ferreyra (Jova) is an artist, motivational speaker, mental health advocate and creator of The Artidote, a leading social platform in the space of mental health awareness. Varela began curating artwork on popular social media channels in 2014 with the intention to cultivate empathy & self-awareness through creative storytelling. His pioneering use of social media would organically develop into an ever-growing, supportive community of millions of people across the world, making him one of the leading influencers in the mental health space. Varela’s work has been globally recognized by professionals in the field for having the capacity to nurture our mental health, raise awareness & break stigmas and taboos with The Artidote’s ever-growing reach. Today, he travels across the world bringing his community offline to openly talk about the importance of our mental wellbeing and partner up with professional resources to provide further assistance to those in need.

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    Stay up to date with the latest developments. Written by Jova, the blog is meant to keep you updated on the evolution of The Artidote, its community and how 2018 is proving to be the most transformative year for this project since its inception in 2015.

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    The heart of The Artidote, where the community gathers to engage with the stories of each post. Whether it’s a post on failure, triumph, loss, gratitude, regret, love, fear or social advocacy, this is where Artidotees are encouraged to come together and share their own experiences and opinions in a respectful manner.


    The art gallery of The Artidote. where you may see at a glance all of the artwork that has been shared over the years and save your favorites. Also the home of #ArtidoteInbox, a collection of submitted messages that have been anonymously posted to receive the collective feedback from the community.


    The voice of The Artidote Community, where SnapThoughts originated. This is where your thoughts may be submitted via direct messages and Jova anonymously shares a daily selection to thousands of people across the world. Today it’s become a virtual, global support group that has already been directly influential in saving lives (read about it HERE and HERE).


    A less formal feed containing the daily Facebook posts but with more one-on-one engagement with the community. Home to #ScribblesFromMyJournal, where Artidotees are encouraged to submit photos from a passage in their journals to be shared on the feed.

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